What are your options when your teeth have gone?


Complete Dentures


  • Relatively straightforward to make
  • Almost everbody can have one
  • Inexpensive
  • A starting point for first time denture wearers
  • All the shortcomings of artificial removable dentures : psychological distress, sore mouth, risk of not getting used to them.
  • Maintenance is lifelong


  • Stability, retention and aesthetic problems are readily rectified
  • A “cure” for patients who can’t get used to dentures without the disadvantages of the fixed approach
  • Simplified surgical demands
  • Professional fees are not significantly higher than cost of complete dentures
  • Maintenance requirements do not appear to be demanding
  • Exhibit minor movement during function and likely to accumulate food debris under the dentures’ fitting surface
  • Size teeth available to chew on can be maximised


  • Conceptually brilliant and supported by compelling research data
  • Limited in use, not everyone is suitable
  • Relatively complex to undertake both restoratively and surgically due to increased number of implants.
  • Very expensive
  • Enormous psychological and functional benefits
  • A “cure” form patients who can’t get used to dentures
  • Aesthetic outcomes may be difficult and unpredictable
  • Maintenance not always easy and may be expensive
  • Size of teeth available to chew on has to be reduced

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