How well do different treatments perform?

How successful are your treatment options

I have compiled a short list of risk relating to advanced dental treatment. Most marketing material relating to dentistry tends to only show success and how they will improve you health, well being and looks. What they don’t mention is the how long that treatment is going to last and the risk of it not working. It is extremely important that the patient can make an educated decision with their dentist as to the amount of risk they are prepared to accept before staring any advanced dental treatments

The figures are given in terms of Success

Implant placement (after 5 years)

Implant retained crown/bridge 96 in 100 at 5 years

Conventional crown and bridge

Back teeth 95 in 100 at 5 years

Front teeth 86 in100 at 5 years

Resin bonded bridge 87 in 100 at 5 years

Post retained 80 in 100 at 5 years

Treatment to resolve gum disease

Non surgical gum treatment 90 in 100 at 5 years

Surgical gum treatment 80 in 100 at 5 years

Root fillings

Root fill + crown (back tooth) 93 in 100 at 5 years

Root fill only (back teeth) 75 in 100 at 5 years

If you want to read further follow this link to Evidence Based Dentisty

Click to access 6400565a.pdf

EAO Conference 2010

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