The 10 Golden Rules

I was just fli164145237_1595faa60d_bcking through some files and found a nice little check list from a course run by the University of Bern in the about 2004. It’s a fantastic reminder of the fundamentals of dental treatment planning.


  1. Treat oral disease as an opportunistic infection.
  2. Eliminate and control infection.
  3. Obtain and maintain health before aesthetics.
  4. Classify chewing elements according to prognosis.
  5. Follow a sequence of treatment phases.
  6. Satisfy the patients needs for aesthetics and function.
  7. Consider shortened dental arches (Kayser).
  8. Increase chewing comfort in the premolar region.
  9. Diagnose continually during maintenance.
  10. Render interceptive supportive care.

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